What is the Creative Genius Apprenticeship?

Creative Genius Apprenticeship elevates youth to lead innovation. The program is remotely available and contains the following features: 

  • Accomplish a variety of stretch assignments.
  • Complete versatility rich occupational training.
  • Develop & enhance professional portfolio.
  • Conduct informational interviews.
  • Engagement in various career enhancement activities.
  • Work as a team.
  • Practice leadership


Why the Creative Genius Apprenticeship?

The direct benefits you gain from participating in the creative genius apprenticeship @ ICATT are: 

  • Discover your inner superpower as a creative genius.
  • Develop a habit to act like a creative genius.
  • Apply your creative genius to uncover innovations
  • Foster your professionalism = employability 
  • Be ready for fulfilling employment 
  • Have fun working as a member of a high performing team.
  • Practice your role as a leader.
  • Make a positive difference in society and in our world..
  • Experiment with getting a lot done with fewer hours of attentive effort. Your apprenticeship @ ICATT is a max of 5 flexible hours a week. 
  • Foster versatile skills and habits to thrive in the artificial intelligence (AI) enabled emerging world of work.
  • Receive a certificate of achievement of Creative Genius Apprenticeship Program with designated number stars. You receive 1 star for each quarter you successfully complete. If you remain a year, you receive 4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ on your certificate 


How do you engage with the creative genius program? 

As a creative genius apprentice, you will have access to financial aid to participate in the ICATT Virtual Career Connections (www.ICATT.net/Vconnections ) as a cohort group.


The practical work environment will have the following features:


You will choose to work on a defined community/ organizational/ societal challenge that requires multi-disciplined talents. Each challenge is defined containing a high level what? Why? How?


You will work on a team of 3-5 members developing a solution deliverable. Each team will work autonomously, creatively, resourcefully and iteratively.


You will have a month to start and complete your chosen Challenge. At the end of week 1, you will have an opportunity to develop the 1st version deliverable and showcase to peers and coaches. You will have an opportunity to fine tune your deliverables in weeks 2, 3, 4 with a showcase, report out and self-evaluation at the end of each week.


Within a quarter, you will use a similar format to work on 4 different challenges. 


At the end of each quarter, you will earn a certificate of achievement with 4 stars to match the number of challenges your completed.


You will have an opportunity to repurpose your work deliverables into your online professional portfolio.


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