The ICATT Social Enterprise mission is to transform marginalized community members into job creators and contributors.
A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good while still making a profit.

Although profits are not the primary motivation behind a social enterprise, revenue still plays an essential role in the sustainability of the venture. In fact, sustainable revenue differentiates a social enterprise from a traditional charity that relies on outside funding in the form of donations or grants to achieve its social mission.

This does not mean that social enterprises cannot be highly profitable, it simply means that when they are, their priority is the reinvestment of profits into their social mission rather than payouts to shareholders.

A successful social enterprise is one that balances the tension between upholding the social mission of their organization and maximizing the productivity of their business venture to ensure sustainability.

The ICATT social enterprise programs are:

• Community Career Promoter
• Jobs Unlimited Program
• Career Academy Scholarship Fund

Please Click Here to Download “ICATT Social Enterprise Capability Document 2022”