I am a program manager with an educational institution. When I was in between jobs and hurting, the ICATT team provided a much needed support including cheering for me, providing career coaching and referring me to my current employer.  The ICATT super power is its relational magnetism with job seekers and with employers.

L. B., North Florida.

I am a data scientist working for one of the federal government agencies. ICATT set me up to engage in one of its signature informational interviews that led to my current employer. I strongly recommend job seekers to use the ICATT informational interviews.

J.M, Alexandria, VA.

My current position is Senior Data Analyst with a US Government contracting agency. The ICATT team assisted me to secure this position by making connections with my current employer and by encouraging and believing in me that I can be successful in this position. ICATT helps job seekers to network with professionals in various disciplines and people working in different organizations. It cares about job seekers and is very well connected with the employer community.

A.T., Maryland

ICATT successfully trained and coached me to become a successful project manager and a successful instructional designer working directly on client projects at a competitive compensation. I achieved the level of credible instructional designer and project manager within a year. In this capacity, I have successfully managed client projects and successfully performed instructional design projects. This was made possible with coaching, incremental assignments and believing in me that I received from ICATT Professional Services. Thanks ICATT.

L.W., Atlanta, GA

I am now a seasoned instructional designer working successfully with clients as an independent contractor, while earning over $45 an hour. ICATT Professional Services made this possible for me to get to this level. The ICATT team directly helped me become a seasoned instructional designer. They provided self-paced instructional design resources, gave me stretch assignments, provided coaching and feedback, and assigned me to high profile client projects. ICATT believed in me even when I had doubts about my own potential, and turned me into an amazing instructional designer in high demand! I am forever grateful for all their support and guidance! 

V.W., Orange Park, Florida.

Within a year of receiving a direct coaching based learning of Agile instructional design practitioner. I am now a full time and a successful instructional designer and project manager. ICATT masterfully provided me with a guided instructional design deliverable development assignment, coached me and believed in me to become a leader of instructional design projects. I know ICATT can turn anyone into a seasoned instructional designer. The key to this success is I have an amazing work ethic and a desire to become an amazing instructional designer and attention to getting it done. Yes, ICATT can turn anyone who can invest their attention, desire to succeed and a work ethic.

K.L., Denver, Colorado