E-Learning Development


E-Learning Development is a specialized ICATT service that produces self-paced and asynchronous online training on a selected topic. 


  • Courseware may be accessible anytime.
  • Ability to track the participation and performance of individual students.
  • Ability to readily scale to a workforce spread across time zones and geographic regions.


  • Develop and gain approval of the design document, which will serve as a blueprint for the courseware.
  • Develop and gain approval of a storyboard containing a layout of specific content, images and engagement activities.
  • Develop and gain approval of a sample prototype containing a look and feel of the courseware.
  • Produce courseware using Agile methodology.
  • Field test from sources including subject matter expert reviews, stakeholder feedback, and end-user experience.
  • Finalize, install, and test courseware in a designated Learning Management System (LMS).