Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training

CATT CONSULTING, INC.provides full-service equity, diversity & inclusion consulting services including organizational climate assessment, live and remote training services, self-paced e-learning, coaching, expert advice. We provide highly personal, immersive learning so that participants can identify actions to further develop their diversity & inclusion skills, make meaning out of their diversity & inclusion experiences, and learn how to effectively work with all kinds of people. The following strategies and tools can be applied for making Diversity & Inclusion more meaningful:

  • Appreciative Inquiry Based Organizational climate assessment
    Appreciative Inquiry allows “What Went Well” to foster positive organizational culture. This assessment will allow uncovering the current strengths, assets, and values of the practice, department, or organization appreciative assets.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
    ProgramThis remote training program is professional development to build cultural competence of the participants.

    • Gain the knowledge and skills to work with people with alternate views or who tend to approach situations differently. Interact with colleagues from other lines of business, teams, or locations. Learn to welcome and value different perspectives.
    • Courses include: Addressing unconscious Bias, diversity & inclusion inthe workplace, fostering an inclusive environment, and inclusive leadership training
  • Self-Paced E-Learning
    Maintaining a respectful workplace is a requirement for a healthy functioningof an organization. A self-paced program format is more conducive to implement compliance-oriented training.
  • Coaching Service
    One on one and small group coaching will provide an opportunity to engage in cultural and behavioral transformational changes. Coaching can provide support, feedback, and accountability that will allow the organization to take diversity & inclusion training from learning to actual implementation.
  • Advisory Service
    Expert Advisory service includes researching and sharing best practice and what works practices. When organizations assess their handling of workplace diversity issues and develop and implement diversity plans, they can experience increased adaptability and a variety of viewpoints that can bring about more effective execution.

Our experience in equity, diversity and inclusion includes:

  • Jacksonville Fire Department –Conducted: Organizational Climate Assessment; Diversity and Inclusion Training, Program Evaluation, and Advisory Service.
  • Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office –Developed and Conducted Customized Diversity and Inclusion Train the TrainerProgram.
  • Centers for Disease Control –Developed and Conducted Championing Diversity Training Program.
  • Arlington County Government –Develop and Conducted Professional Development Programs.

ICATT CONSULTING, INC.is prepared to deploy a culturally diverse team of consultants and subject matter experts to engage in organizational cultural transformation engagements.