Outsourcing, Staffing and Recruitment

As a one-stop talent source, ICATT provides full service includes: 

  • Outsourcing
  • Staffing 
  • Recruitment Services.

Outsourcing allows an organization to focus on its core mission and outsource supportive services. Organizations of every size can use outsourcing to help grow and expand while keeping expenses low.  As an example, some organizations simply want to outsource payroll and benefits as a cost-cutting measure. Whether it is Human Resources, Training & Development, or even Data Analytics, we have you covered.

Long-term contract staffing engages contract employees for the purpose of maintaining a leaner headcount and as a cost-containment measure. Onboarding a new hire can be time-consuming: candidates must be vetted through multiple interview rounds, compensation negotiated, notice given for the resignation, background checks completed, and new hire paperwork filed. Through contract staffing, you are accessing top talent without the risks associated with a full-time hire. Contract positions allow both the candidate and the organization to test one another out prior to a full-time employment offer. 

Temporary staffing is using an agency to hire talent on a temporary basis in order to assess their performance prior to possibly turning them into a full-time employee.  Major advantages of hiring temporary talent typically concern the cost savings that an employer can realize. As well, if an employer requires seasonal talent, then the major advantage is scalability, conveniently being able to add or reduce the worker payroll during certain times of the year.  

Professional recruitment support is a fee-based service to meet a high volume and a high stakes recruitment demand by an organization.  Effective recruitment can support your organization to achieve faster levels of growth. Streamlined recruitment processes deliver higher-quality, more engaged hires, and provide a competitive advantage that directly impacts organizational performance and timeliness.