Career Academy

ICATT Career Academy incorporates all forms of professional development programs including industry recognized certification programs for workforce readiness, customized professional development programs that yield skills improvement and e-learning development to increase mastery and reach of learning outcomes.

ICATT Career Academy services include:


Industry Recognized Certification Programs


An Industry Recognized Certification is an education- and work-related credential, which is meant to verify an individual’s qualification or competence.  The certification  is issued by a third party that has relevant authority to issue such a credential. 

ICATT currently offers Scaled Agile Product Owner Product Manager (POPM) and CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security +.


The value of industry-recognized certifications cannot be underestimated. In a study conducted by the Information Technology Association of America, vendor or industry certification was found to be as important as a bachelor’s degree to information technology (IT) companies, while non-IT companies placed certification only just below a bachelor’s degree.

Global access to talent.  People who succeed are prepared with more than skills, it includes selling yourself.


ICATT implements each industry-recognized certification program as follows:

  • Conduct an average of 5 days remote and/or self-paced Bootcamp training 

  • Provide access to up to one year of coaching and examination preparation for certification.

  • Provide up to one year of access to career readiness opportunities such as portfolio preparation, resume writing, informational interviews, externships, soft skills training, networking, career guidance and referrals.

  • Establish & maintain a network of program cohorts as a community of practice


Customized Professional Development Programs


Customized Professional Development Programs are organizational requirements-based training programs to meet the current and future workforce development needs. Some examples of programs ICATT recently custom developed and delivered include: Leadership Development, Talent Within, Project Management. Professionalism in the Workplace, Grant Specialist Training, Federal Position Classification Training, Robotics Application, and Security Architecture.


  • Responsive to unique organizational requirements and needs.

  • Just-in-time training.

  • Driving organizational performance and timeliness.

  • To meet the professional development and upscaling needs of an organization’s workforce.


  • Conduct needs assessment to determine requirements.

  • Custom develop courseware based on requirements.

  • Deliver training during mutually agreed upon schedule

  • Evaluate training effectiveness

  • Assess the impact of the training and offer enhancements.


Customized Professional Development Programs

E-Learning Development  


E-Learning Development is a specialized ICATT service that produces self-paced and asynchronous online training on a selected topic. 


  • Courseware may be accessible anytime.

  • Ability to track the participation and performance of individual students.

  • Ability to readily scale to a workforce spread across time zones and geographic regions.


  • Develop and gain approval of the design document, which will serve as a blueprint for the courseware.

  • Develop and gain approval of a storyboard containing a layout of specific content, images and engagement activities.

  • Develop and gain approval of a sample prototype containing a look and feel of the courseware.

  • Produce courseware using Agile methodology.

  • Field test from sources including subject matter expert reviews, stakeholder feedback, and end-user experience.

  • Finalize, install, and test courseware in a designated Learning Management System (LMS).